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On Thursday, May 5, the building that housed both our Christian bookstore and my Kingsley business basically burned to the ground. The front section of the bookstore section is still intact with a lot of smoke and water damage, but it did not burn except for the attic above it. But the office buildings where my Kingsley operation was is literally just a pile of charred ruble. I lost every single piece of Kingsley stuff I had, including 200 stripped down machines ready for rebuilding, 1500 boxes of type, several thousand rolls of foil, and countless parts, pieces and screws. A few items have come in since the fire, but I am not able to rebuild a single Kingsley machine right now. We have excellent insurance with replacement coverage, but, of course, all the Kingsley stuff is irreplaceable. I do plan to continue providing foil and new type because of the increasing demand for it, so my Kingsley store is open again.

I will appreciate your prayers as we go about the task of rebuilding. Thanks, and God bless. Dennis

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